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Our latest reviews are always listed on the index page. We sort the books into categories, but sometimes we can't make up our minds and put one book on more than one category page. In our archive you can find more than 100 book reviews. 

Please keep in mind that we don't remove the reviews when a book goes out of print. You can find out of print titles in used book stores and libraries. We don't list prices either, because we don't have the time to keep them up-to-date and many books are published in various editions with different prices. ISBN numbers listed with our reviews may belong to an out of print edition.

We often receive requests for the home address of authors and would like to state clearly that we maintain our website simply for our own and (we hope) your pleasure and do not have access to inside information.

As you may have noticed all the authors with more than one book in our review section get their own page. So far we only put on those pages links to our reviews and also links to their homepages or interesting fan pages, but now we will try to provide lists of all books by the authors with links to our reviews and some information on book series.



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