Jeffery Deaver

Speaking in Tongues

Coronet 1999
ISBN 0-340-64023-5

Christina says:

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Former prosecutor Tate Collier has put his robe away, and if he isn't busy running his farm in Virginia, he is writing out wills. He also left behind his ex-wife Bett McCall and his seventeen-year-old daughter Megan. When Megan is kidnapped by psychopathic psychiatrist Aaron Matthews, he has to team up with Bett and match his rhetoric skills against those of an adversary who is his equal, though always one step ahead.

The story Jeffery Deaver, the author of the Lincoln Rhyme series, is telling here is actually quite gripping. Though not very original, it would have had the potential to keep the reader awake until he finally reaches the end, if it had had a bit more atmosphere and had been a bit more subtle.

It is hard to believe in the alleged genius of the villain considering how thick-witted the hero, the heroine and the whole supporting cast are. Matthews was manipulating them all too easily; though I was sick with the flu when I read the book, I didn't have any problems predicting his moves, but his opponents regularly let themselves be fooled by him.

The only character I found at least slightly sympathetic and interesting was spoiled teenage brat Megan, and that's not really a compliment for the author.

Besides, Deaver had the off-putting habit of describing wounds in every detail when it wasn't really necessary for the plot. I don't mind forensic details, but only where they are appropriate, not like one would describe them in a horror novel.

So far, this bestselling author didn't really impress me, but I am perfectly willing to try his series as well.

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