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If you want to know what I look like, click here. Use the link at your own risk.

Originally, I’m from northern Hesse. After finishing school and a year of changing diapers in the US, I ended up studying in the South of Germany. Currently I’m looking for a job as a translator for Portuguese, Italian and English.

I like to read almost everything from Jane Austen to Sharyn McCrumb as long as it’s well written. Favorite moviemakers are the Coen brothers, Jane Campion and Pedro Almodovar, among others. I don’t mind getting a dose of eye candy in an up-to-date movie theater or a nice bucket full of schmaltz, as long as the makers don’t exceed a certain degree of stupidity.

Other interests are history, art and cooking, and I could watch Law & Order, Star Trek or Quantum Leap for hours.

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