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About me:

I am, as you would say, a woman in my prime. Nearly a quarter of a century ago, I landed in Germersheim, a little university town in southwest Germany, to study for my Master of Translations in Spanish and French. As life isn't always cruel, I actually work as a translator for Spanish in a prestigious Swabian company. Since I must also take care of my husband, son, house, and garden, I don't have a lot of time for my hobbies, which are books and movies. And if I have time to go to the movies, there has to be an interesting film worth of my time in our only movie theatre. Lately, this was the case quite often, but no one knows what the future will bring. My all time favourite movie is "2001 – A Space Odyssey".

I particularly like to watch independent movies, almost never action movies. In general, I have a penchant for psychological subjects, also showing in my book tastes. The usual bestsellers rarely thrill me; I am always looking for hidden gems offering something special.