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paw.gif (121 Byte) My name: Monika Hübner

paw.gif (121 Byte) My profession: translator for French and Spanish, but now rather addicted to the English language

paw.gif (121 Byte) Current employer: Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe/Germany

paw.gif (121 Byte) My hobbies: movies (surprise!), design websites, books, natural history, paleontology, writing.

paw.gif (121 Byte) My favorite authors: Bernhard Kegel, a German science fiction writer, Stephen Jay Gould, Robert J. Sawyer, J. K. Rowling and Kage Baker whose work I have recently discovered. That doesn't mean I don't read other authors as well. If you want to know more about it, please go to our book review section.

paw.gif (121 Byte) My favorite movies: Go to the movie section and see for yourself.


For a couple of years I have been playing Creatures a lot, a very special computer game. The game is about creating norns and helping them to survive and evolve in their own world. This game by Creature Labs is probably still the most complex (and entertaining) simulation of life currently available. Those of you who are already familiar with the game and would like to have a look at my norns and possibly adopt one of them can do so by clicking here. There are also areas dedicated to the (unevitable) sequels 'Creatures 2' and 'Creatures 3'. On these pages, you will also find my own cobs and two new worlds for Creatures 1. You may notice that those pages aren't updated any longer - well, life goes on and every day has only 24 hours, so when I go back to Creatures now, I only play it, I don't make any more objects. You can't do everything and I have moved on to other things lately.

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