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Christina prefers movies with a good plot that is realized in a convincing manner. She doesn't mind special effects and spectacular stunts as long as they enhance the story and not the other way round. She casts a critical eye on the women's roles because she holds on to the conviction that the way women are depicted in movies reflects and has an effect on society's attitude towards women in real life. She appreciates movies that entertain for two hours and are then forgotten, but to get the full score a movie needs to make her think, laugh, cry, or whatever even after she left the theater. She likes to read many different genres, her favorite being mystery.

For Helga, the most important thing in a movie is that it must be convincing. If the plot doesn't make sense at all, the movie won't get a high rating, no matter how great the set is or who is in it. Famous names aren't everything, the characters and the story must be believable. She likes being entertained, but a truly good movie must still have her thinking about it the next morning.

Her highest rating is 4 eyes, a so-so movie or book gets one eye. If it's truly awful, it will be rated OUCH. It doesn't happen often, but it already has.

Monika judges movies differently: she is more often impressed by visual effects and will give a movie a better rating even if there are some plot holes. But that doesn't mean she won't appreciate a truly great movie. She likes to watch IMAX movies as well because of the great experience of a giant screen, the fantastic sound effects and the three-dimensional impression. Since she is interested in natural history the documentary aspect of the IMAX movies is an additional incentive. Her taste in books is quite different from Christina's as well; her preferences, too, are varied, but her favorite fiction are science fiction and fantasy. Besides she reads a lot of non-fiction on general natural history, paleontology, anthropology and astrophysics.

We will make it easier for our visitors to judge our reviews by using different symbols and giving seperate ratings on movies or books reviewed by both of us.

catBook or movie rated by Christina

Book or movie rated by Helga

paw Book or movie rated by Monika

The highest rating is four points.

No point: awful
One point: so-so
Two points: average
Three points: good
Four points: excellent

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